What we do

Stewardship depends on organized activists, who are committed to conserving the places where they climb. It cannot be left to regulations that are routinely disregarded, or land managers and paid experts. In Latin America, climbing areas are usually roadless, remote, wild places. The threats to them are exploitative and catastrophic, such as mines, dams and hydro-power.

Many emblematic climbing areas in Latin America lack legal protection and, more importantly, have no local or national organizations to fight development. Access PanAm is a new conservation organization dedicated to filling that pivotal gap: Mobilizing local climbers to fight for continued access to climbing areas and stop development.

Local Climbing Organizations

When a local climbing access issue occurs, the best line of defense is almost always the local climbers who are familiar with the area and the issues. That is why a critical piece of our work is encouraging, helping to organize, and supporting local climbers to come together into local climbing organizations.

We also strive at promoting collaboration and building coalitions between land managers, volunteer groups, and other local stakeholders, such as businesses, private landowners, environmental organizations, and community leaders. Good partnerships allow diverse groups to come together and create capacity that simply wouldn’t exist without that cooperation.


Our behaviors and attitudes shape the way we impact the environment as well as how climbing is perceived. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to find a balance between recreational access and environmental conservation, and we encourage climbers to respect and honor the places and policies where they climb.

APA strives at promoting the conservation of mountain areas in all the Americas by supporting local organizations on projects such as: trail building and maintenance, volunteering, and educational events.

Working in cooperation with land managers and environmental agencies, improves the reputation of climbers as legitimate, responsible, and conservation-minded stewards.

Access to climbing areas

APA focuses on promoting access to climbing areas in the Americas. We are not attached to a specific type of climbing, rather, APA works with areas where there is: sport climbing, trad climbing, mountaineering, big walls, bouldering, ice climbing and alpine climbing.