Trail Signs

It is important to develop a signage system for your approach trail, taking into consideration its use, users, location, and goal. Signs can be educational and can also be seen as an intrusion – use them with care. In general, a few traditional places for signs are: the main trailhead, trail intersections and at other key locations. Popular trails should be well signed, while a trail that leads to a not-so-popular climbing area or the backcountry, should have far fewer signs.

Popular trails may require a more comprehensive signage system, including a trailhead kiosk with information on the approach trail: general map, length, difficulty, etc, as well as liability issues, environmental information, leave no trace guidelines, etc.

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Different signs asking climbers and other users to prevent erosion by staying on trail. Signs like these promote conservation and educate trail users.

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These signs aim at warning users about the risk involved in specific trails as well as climbing.

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The trailhead is a great place to have different signs for all users. Many are choose to have a trailhead kiosk with information about the area, rules and regulations, warning signs, maps, etc. See different options here.

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Directions and Trail Markers

Signs that show where the trail is and point to a specific place. It helps people to stay on trails as well as prevent them from getting lost. Use different styles according to the environment and context, make them visible though discrete.

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Educational Signs

Most trail signs aim at educating its users on the rules and regulations and proper codes of conduct of a given area in order to promote conservation.

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Here you'll see different examples of trail signs that display maps and topos.

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Rules and Regulations

Signs that present the rules and regulations of different areas. It also gives one example of an onsite registration system.

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