Valle Encantado

Threatened Area Info

Region: Bariloche
Responsable LAO: Acceso Argentina
Access Issue Types: Economic, Private Land
Regulations: Climbing is not permitted between Dec 20th and March 1st, Camping is not allowed, No commercial activities allowed, No unaccompanied minors allowed, Fires are not allowed. These restrictions apply for both sections. "Valle Cruzando" - climbers need to register with the landowner administrator in order to access this climbing area. To schedule an appointment, please send an email to accesobariloche@gmail.com, with the subject "permiso Valle". "Valle Sin Cruzar" - a signed permission is not required, however all other restrictions apply.
Valle Encantado

Valle Encantado is sport climbing area located 65 Km Northwest of Bariloche. There are two climbing crags: the “Valle Cruzando” and the “Valle Sin Cruzar” separated by the Limay and Traful streams.

Valle Sin Cruzar is located on the Route 40 side of the river. There are about 70 routes on this section. Valle Cruzando is located on the other side of the Limay river. You will need some sort of a boat or floating device to access the 140 routes located in that section. The volcanic rock offers amazing routes and a lot more possibilities on both sections.

Both areas are located within private properties that have switched owners over and over for the past 15 years. Along those years, climbing have been allowed or forbidden according to owners’ discretion and negotiations.

Valle Encantado Chronology:

  • 1943 – First ascent of Aguja Principal, in Frey
  • 1974 – First ascent of Torre Gebauer, in Valle Encantado
  • 1993 – First sport routes on “Valle Cuzando”
  • 1998 to 2007 – The majority of the sport routes are set
  • 2000 – First routes on “Valle sin Cruzar”
  • 2002 to 2008 – Popularity increases and so do the problems with litter, fire, waste disposal, and noise
  • 2007 – The “Valle Cuzando” land managers forbid access
  • 2009 – After negotiations, climbing is again allowed on “Valle Cuzando” with restrictions during the summer
  • 2010 – The “Valle sin Cruzar” apply the same restrictions for climbing in that section