Threatened Area Info

Region: Minas Gerais
Responsable LAO: Acesso MG
Access Issue Types: User’s Misbehaviour
Regulations: To apply for the climbing permit, send an email to cambotas@fememg.org with 7 days in advance. Print the Liability Form in advance and hand it in to the Park’s administration. It can be found in FEMEMG’s website – www.fememg.org Once in Cambotas, make sure to sign the liability form, pay in advance for parking, let the administration know your plans of living the area, and sign the book.

Maurício Tonto Clauzet en la vía Princesa Léia, 7a (de Brasil)

One of the best climbing crags in Minas Gerais, with about 55 routes, is the Pico Ita Marãen, or  Cambotas – as it’s known in the climbing community.

The rock is a hard quartzite, predominantely overhanging with good holds, cracks, dihedrals, roofs and aretes. It is about 200 meters tall. There are several trad and mixed routes (trad and sport), as well as sport routes.

It’s located in the Canela de Ema Adventure Park (CEAP), Caeté, close to Barão de Cocais. It’s about 85 km from Belo Horizonte, the State Capital.

For a while, the access was open, free, without regulations or “opening hours.” However, a few misbehaviour episodes led the park administration to close the access. The first time, in 2005, a verbal agreement between local climbers and the administration was stablished and the access reopened. Then, some land issues along with unpleasant situations led to another climbing ban in 2011.

A group of climbers got together to carry an interdisciplinary environmental study. They came up with a plan for mitigating and compensating the climbing impacts. The State Federation (FEMEMG) formed a partnership with the administration (CEAP). FEMEMG will, then, oversee the climbing management, while CEAP will be responsible for offering tourist services, such as food, lodging and parking.

Jorg en la vía Só para Loucos, 8b (de Brasil)

After the Climbing plan was written, they promoted a “Minimum Impact Seminar”, where they presented the results as well as decided, along with the climbing community, the regulations for climbing in that area.
Now, in order to climb in Cambotas, one need to follow the Canela de Ema Adventure Park (CEAP)’s regulations as well as the ones established in the seminar.

To read the Local Code and Regulations, click here (in Portuguese).


Mapa Minas Gerais

Cambotas en el Mapa de Minas Gerais