Threatened Areas

proibido alpinismo - rio

Some of the issues that might lead to access restriction and closure are:

  • Liability – The fear of being sued by someone in case an accident happens.
  • Economic - Entrance Fees
  • Mandatory guide hiring
  • Private land
  • Archaeological sites - rock art, cliff dwelling, ruins, etc.
  • Inappropriate behavior from climbers or other users – littering, shortcuts, fire, noise, improper human waste management, etc.
  • Big Development Construction – hydroelectric dams, mining areas, timber felling, etc.
  • Conservation Issues - raptors nests, endemic species, fragile environment, etc.
  • Accidents
  • Historic and Cultural concerns - ethnic or religious, e.g. sacred places, indian reservations, etc.
  • Designation restriction - when a designation establishes restrictions (UNESCO, Conservation areas, etc.)
  • Permit regulations - hunting or game reserve, military land, indian reservation, etc.
  • Safety issues - when an environment threat is imminent: avalanches, natural rock falls, etc.
  • Violence / crime - area with high incidence of crimes: petty theft, drug dealers control, civil war, etc.