Take Action!

What to do when you learn that a crag that could be in danger. Get the facts
 regarding the closure. Don’t rely on rumors.

  • Why is the crag being closed?
  • Who owns or manages the climbing area?
  • Who is making decisions regarding the closure?
  • Where exactly is the closure?

Get involved in the process.

  • Contact your Local Access Organization or Access PanAm directly for advice or help connecting with key individuals or resources in your area.
  • Ask your local climbing organization what you do to can help. Volunteer!
  • Circulate a petition and begin a letter-writing campaign. Check our communication tools and pro-climbing points pages.
  • If there is a broad base of users, form a coalition with other user-groups to help in trail and crag maintenance. Volunteer together for projects.
  • Help mobilize local climbers: hold meetings, attend hearings, provide information, volunteer for trail work, clean-ups, etc.
  • Get businesses with economic interest in the climbing to back you, including climbing shops and gyms, resort and tourist groups, guiding services, newspapers and other local companies.

Be collaborative and respectful

The most fruitful partnerships include mutual agreements between stakeholders. Be respectful and develop a responsible reputation. Ranting and raving will not help keep the crag open. The political process requires cooperation, patience and tenacity. It’s much more effective to work with landowners, land managers, and other user groups before a situation reaches the crisis stage. Judgmental attitudes and negative stereotypes from either side can undermine successful partnerships. Most issues can be effectively addressed through open communication, flexibility and understanding.

If you’re planning to develop a new climbing area, be aware of some of the cultural and social issues that may come into play: is it a public or private area? Have you talked to the land owner / manager? Is there an archaeological site around? Any petroglyph? What are the local ethics? Is this a climbing-only area or are there other users?