Recruiting Volunteers

Climbing organizations are only as strong as their members. Effective LAOs have a diversified list of members / volunteers: hard-core climbers, weekend warriors, beginners, etc.

Here are some tips for recruiting — and keeping — volunteers:

  1. Ask around: Simply ask people to join, attend, or get involved might be all it takes to bring them into the fold.
  2. Publicize, Publicize, Publicize: It is impossible to over-promote your activities and organization. Publicize events early and in appropriate venues. After events, update your website with pictures and a summary of what was accomplished.
  3. Look Beyond the Usual Suspects: Ask Chamber of Commerce committees, youth groups, conservation corps, scout troops, environmental groups, and other do-gooders to pitch in with your projects.
  4. Celebrate Good Times: Make your meetings and events something volunteers look forward to, with raffles, food, and beverages. Be creative, volunteers will be plentiful if your events are dynamic.
  5. Chunk it Down: Divide volunteer projects into bite-sized chunks and make it easy for people to volunteer a little of their time.
  6. Get Partners: Pump shops for raffle items and giveaways. Look to your local businesses for support. Prizes don’t have to be expensive. Volunteers appreciate something that is creative and personal.
  7. Nurture Newcomers: Look at a planned event from a new volunteer’s perspective. New volunteers need and appreciate more guidance, even if it’s just to let them know they are doing a good job.