Associação Mineira de Escalada

Organization Info

Primary Contact: Luis Monteiro
Website: Associação Mineira de Escalada
Threatened Area(s): Lapinha

The Climbing Association of Minas Gerais (Associação Mineira de Escalada – AME) was created in 2001.


  • To promote climbing safety
  • To promote the respect for the environment and climbing areas preservation.
  • To run classes, clinics, presentations and activities that promote safe climbing skills.
  • To promote the dialogue between organizations, associations and federations, both national and international ones.
  • To stimulate climbing competitions
  • To establish safety standards for climbing schools, including curriculums.
  • To represent the members’ interests before the public agencies and private landowners, enterprises, etc.

AME has been working with access issues in several areas in Minas Gerais, like: the Sumidouro State Park (Lapinha) and Serra do Cipó National Park. They have a Memorandum of Understanding with the State Environmental Agency (IEF-MG)