Acceso Sur

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Primary Contact: Christian Moscoso
Website: Acceso Sur
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Acceso Sur is a Local Access Organization created in 2009 to fight for access and conservation of Chilean’s climbing areas. The major issues in Chile are related to private properties and big development work, especially hydroelectric plants. Acceso Sur believes that lobbying for national laws and climbers’ education are the best ways to secure the climbing future in Chile.

After the Access PanAm’s training program, in Rio, Acceso Sur, the Chilean LAO, has a new team, structure and plans for 2012. Acceso Sur has now three lines of work: Access, Conservation and Community. Our goal is to maintain open access, promote responsible access to climbing areas, and invite the climbing community to work with access.  We’ll get back to the stewardship program in Las Chilcas, one of the most popular sport climbing crags in Santiago action, with garbage collection. We are also preparing ourselves to formalize an agreement to access a climbing area within a private enterprise property.

President: Christian Droop