Save Cochamó

Campaign Details

Region: Array
Responsable LAO: Conservación Cochamó
Land Status: Private
Access Issue Types: Array, Array
Save Cochamó

For its first campaign, Save Cochamó, Access PanAm joined with Conservación Cochamó y Acceso Sur to challenge seven hydroelectric projects that would destroy an alpine wilderness with a rich biodiversity and some of the longest rock routes on earth: the Cochamó valley, in Chile.

Conservación Cochamó led the campaign (and is still fighting for Cochamó). Access PanAm helped with international connections, letter writing campaigns, and publicity.

At the end, a Petition asking the Chilean Government to protect Cochamó was signed by climbing organizations, e.g.: Acceso Argentina and Brazilian Climbing and Mountain Hiking Confederation, as well as climbers from all over the world. The UIAA sent a letter to the local authorities, via Conservación Cochamó.

Cochamó is now temporarily safe from the hydroelectric projects. Private landowners and a lack of a formal long-term legal protection are still threatening this beautiful valley. Want to support this fight? Click here to see how.