Advice for Industry

When the access to climbing areas are open, climbing retailers benefit. When crags and mountains are closed or unknown, climbing businesses suffer. Fortunately, climbing shops and guide services have the power to help shape local access.

  • Direct your customers to appropriate approach trails, crags and mountains. It’s important to know what’s out there: know your area and regulations.
  • Promote responsible climbing in your store. Responsible climbing is basically about common sense and respect. It won’t crimp anyone’s style, but it will keep access open.
  • Support local climbing groups. Give a regular discount to local club members who do trail /crag maintenance. If you have the space, host meetings /events after business hours.
  • Create a place in your store where useful climbing information is available. Remember to follow local regulations and respect access closure issues.
  • Hire a knowledgeable staff that not only knows equipment and sales techniques, but also where to climb.
  • Be the source in your community for great climbing advice. Display a local climbing area map on the wall and use it to teach your customers about local parks and forests.
  • Conduct climbing 101 clinics on weekends. New climbers will flock to well-organized, non-intimidating instructional gatherings. Make these clinics fun and educational. Use this opportunity to teach about access issues and local ethics.
  • Sponsor the LAO’s events: buy sandwiches and drinks for 20 volunteers on a Saturday, give out prices for raffles and gadgets, help publicize it etc. This is a cost-effective PR.
  • Become a partner of your LAO.