About Us

APA group
The creation of Access PanAm, Squamish 2009

Access PanAm (APA) is an international organization created in 2009 that is dedicated to preserving, protecting and keeping mountaineering and climbing areas open in the western hemisphere. Access and conservation of the climbing environment is fundamental, whether to rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, or bouldering.

Many emblematic climbing areas in Latin America lack legal protection and, more importantly, have no local or national organizations to fight development. Access PanAm is a new conservation organization dedicated to filling that pivotal gap: Mobilizing local climbers to fight for continued access to climbing areas and stop development.

Preserving the mountain environment and fighting for access to climbs must be done by locally organized climbers, who are familiar with the area, challenges, and issues. APA’s mission, then, is to foster and support local access and conservation initiatives by encouraging and helping climbers to create and join together into local, regional, and national organizations.

To secure the freedom to climb and the protection of climbing environments APA will use a variety of approaches including: advocacy, stewardship, conservation projects, grassroots activism, climber education, and, at times, land acquisition.

Who we are
Over three August 2009 days under the granite walls of Squamish in British Colombia, access activists from Latin America, Canada, and the U.S. met to discuss the problems faced by climbers in the Western Hemisphere. This meeting was sponsored by the Petzl Foundation and hosted by the Squamish Mountain Festival.

As a result, APA was formed as a grassroots effort of individual climbers, climbing organizations and federations, outdoor clubs, and corporate supporters. The new organization’s structure is flexible and open-ended, a steering committee, an Executive Director, and President/Director.

Access PanAm
President: Armando Menocal
Executive Director: Kika Bradford

Steering Committee

  • Access PanAm – Armando Menocal and Kika Bradford
  • Canada – Anders Ourom and Anibal
  • USA – Jason Keith (Access Fund), Adam French, Armando Menocal and Rolando Garibotti
  • Cuba – Anibal and Yarobys Garcia Martinez
  • Mexico – Carlos Rangel and Alexander Catlin
  • Colombia – Luis Camargo
  • Venezuela – Villan Alayon
  • Peru – Sergio Ramírez Carrascal and Adam French
  • Brazil – Pedro Hauck, Siverio Nery and Kika Bradford
  • Chile – Rodrigo (Cochamó) and Christian Moscoso (Acceso Sur)
  • Argentina – Esteban Degregori and Michael Stencil (both from Acceso Argentina)
  • UIAA – Juan Jesús Ibáñez Martin