Bariloche Meeting

Encuentro Bariloche

Michael Stencil, ACCESO Argentina's President, opens the Meeting.

On a beautiful Saturday, in Bariloche, Argentina, 14 access activists from Argentina, Chile and Brazil met to discuss the problems faced by climbers in those countries. This meeting took place at the Mountain Hardwear Store.

During the afternoon, we discussed the challenges faced by the Argentineans. Their recently created organization, ACCESO Argentina, is dealing with local bureaucracy and issues of a volunteer-based organization. We talked about different communication strategies and the need to establish roles, responsibilities, and tasks as a way to improve efficiency and commitment. While they are facing internal issues, they are also dealing with external challenges, such as the negotiation to access climbing areas within private land and the need to educate climbers and landowners. As a solution to this later issue, the activists agreed that creating a national-wide educational campaign targeting climbers – clubs, climbing walls, professional guides, etc – was needed. Along with that, an “educational package for landowners” with information about climbing, climbers, ACCESO Argentina, legislation, and climbing management possibilities should be produced.

At night, Kika Bradford talked about Acesso às Montanhas, the Rio de Janeiro Access program. She emphasized the strategy used at Public land negotiations as well as pro-climbing legislation created in Rio. Andrea Reyeo, from DAV, The German Climbin Club in Chile, and Acceso Sur, described some issues and strategies used in negotiations with big companies and private landowners in Chile.

An online conference on Sunday joined activists from Acceso Sur, Conservación Cochamó, and Acceso PanAm. Kika Bradford reported the results from the previous day and they talked about their needs for the Training Program that will take place in 2012, in Rio de Janeiro.

Even dealing with the adversity and uncertainty that came with the Puyehue volcan’s ashes, this meeting was a success and demonstrated, once more, the need to keep empowering the Local Access Organizations.

Encuentro Bariloche

Michael Stencil and Ezequiel Manoni

encuentro Bariloche

Andrea Reyeo talking about access issues in Chile

Encuentro Bariloche

ACCESO Argentina Activists


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