Gaining Momentum – PWM 7th week

IMG_6763The project continues to gain great momentum and support. The team has been able to get all of the wood to site with the help of Argentina Parques National (APN). After getting the foundation finished the base of he structure was added. Then a month and half of cutting, staining, and carrying wood took shape in front of our eyes. Over the course of two days the team (including Ex. Director Kika Bradford) were able to get the four walls up and beams for the roof on. A massive step forward.

In this time the crew has also been able to enjoy what the park has to offer. With the great weather in January the team has been backpacking through the entire front range of the park, climbing in the Torre valley on Aguja Media Luna.

IMG_6782Kika already left us, but has squeezed a lot in during her time here. She has helped in the field as well as creating awareness about the project. Kika ran a town meeting, attended by 17 people, including local guides, climbers, the El Chaltén Climbing Club, and representatives from the Town Environmental Committee. She also presented the project to about 10 park volunteers. The Park and local organizations in town now are getting involved with Access PanAm.

The team is looking forward to the arrival of Geoff Hill PHD at the end of the month. When Geoff arrives the team will be able to install the mechanical portion of the toilet and begin testing.

Thank you to everyone for following our progress!

Read about the project here. Watch the trailer here.

Also thank you to our our sponsors!

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