Off to a Great Start – the Patagonia Waste Management Project


Building the foundations

After two weeks in Patagonia, the volunteer team in El Chaltén, Parque Nacional Los Glaciares have made amazing progress in making the
vermi-composting toilet. With the help of Alejandro and Arístides (Park employees), Rolo Garibotti, other National Park employees, and others in El Chaltén, the volunteers have made this project a reality.


Choosing a location

The chosen location for the toilet is Laguna Capri, a campground 1 hour from the town of El Chaltén. It is a great stop to test the toilet, because it sees a lot of traffic as is a very popular area for both day hikers and campers. 

In addition to the location, all of the wood cuts for the base, studs and floor are nearly completed to be able to slide it all together and bolt it up onsite. The pit for the toilet is dug halfway and will be finishing soon. The team is excited to keep charging forward to finish construction and bring everything to Capri to put it all together!

Read about the project here.

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Digging the future toilet area

Digging the future toilet area


The current toilet





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