Article about Risk and Liability

Climbing in Brazil

Climbing in Brazil

One of the major issues in the climbing world today has to do with liability and risk. Traditionally, climbing is related to freedom and autonomy; self-awareness and responsibility; judgment and decision-making. However, the fear of liability has imprinted its marks in the sport. Many restrictions have been created, and many more are in the verge of being created. In Brazil, some of these restrictions threaten the very practice of climbing as we know it.

In this piece André Ilha* writes about many of these threats and presents arguments that are both against them and pro adventure sports. He does not focus only on climbing, but all the arguments apply. The piece is also written for debating Brazil’s legislation, but most all the issues and arguments can be applied elsewhere.

Download the whole article The right to risk here.

A short version in Spanish: click here.
For the original piece, in Portuguese, click here.
A shorter version, in Portuguese, can be seen here.

*André Ilha is a long time Brazilian climber, who is always leading climbing routes, policies and politics. André has set up  620+ climbing routes all over Brazil. Today, he is also the Director for Biodiversity and Protected Areas at the Rio de Janeiro State Environmental Agency (INEA).


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