A Limpiar Nuestras Montañas – Outcomes

A Limpiar Montana1 (2)Great outcomes from our first Latin America campaign

September 21st, 2013 was a day to celebrate. Acceso PanAm launched its first Latin America access and conservation campaign: A Limpiar Nuestras Montañas to celebrate our passion for the mountains. The Latin America climbing community joined forcers to clean up a climbing crag in different countries. 27 actions were registered in our website, a total of 5 different countries: Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, Peru, and Uruguay. More than 140 volunteers (10 Local organizations, many dedicated to Access) put their heads and hands together to clean our climbing areas.

  • Argentina: Acceso Buenos Aires

LNM - La BarrosaAcceso Buenos Aires organized one action in Balcarce – “Limpiemos La Barrosa.” La Barrosa is a mountain close to the city, heavily used by hikers and climbers. They collected litter in different trails and popular climbing areas. After 3 hours or hard word, 60 kg of trash was taken out of the mountain. 10 other climbers  went to a Bouldering area to collect garbage.

Check out their pictures here


LNM - PEPBAs part of A Limpiar Nuestras Montañas, the Brazilian Climbing Confederation (CBME) organized the Adopt a Mountain Program (Programa Adote uma Montanha). 19 actions were registered in 06 States: Ceará, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, and São Paulo.  70+ volunteers helped out to: collect trash, clean chalk off boulders, clean graffiti, maintain climbing paths, create trail signs, educate visitors and land owners.

More pictures here.

  • Peru: 7a y OLA Peru

LNM - PeruIn Peru, three actions were organized by locals and climbing organizations, one in Cusco (7a escuela de escalada), one in Huaráz (Rodrigo Mendoza) and one in Lima (Pirqa). 69 volunteers helped out in these actions and an impressive 700kg of trash were taken out of the climbing areas.

More pictures here.
Information about the 7a campaign can be seen here.


LNM - UruguayThe recently created Uruguayan Climbing Federation started out with a lot of motivation. Besides the ongoing access negotiation for  Gruta de Salamanca, 05 climbers collected trash and cleaned graffiti off the climbing walls at Plaza Virgilio.

More pictures here.



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