Access Workshop in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Los activistas de MG

Access Workshop took place in MG on September, 21st
(Portuguese version)

Thanks to a Petzl Foundation grant, Acceso PanAm organized a hands-on workshop for Minas Gerais access activists in Lagoa Santa, MG, Brazil. The Minas Gerais Climbing Federation and the local hut (Abrigo Lapinha) were key in the organization of the event as well.

13 activists from all over the State and one invited guest from Goiás participated in this workshop, a total of 6 Local Access Organizations: FEMEMG, AENMG, AME, Montis, AESC, y la AEP.

The goal of the workshop was to create one unified discourse and a strategy for negotiating access to climbing areas in the State of Minas Gerais.

logo-Fondation-PetzlThere were lectures, debates and exercises that emphasized climbing management approaches, negotiation tools, and the tactics used to create a pro-climbing vision in Protected Areas as well as private properties. Also discussed were the advantages and benefits of open access to climbing areas, emphasizing its benefits to conservation.

The activists created a Vision for Acceso MG that emphasized access, conservation and education. They also identifies the main stakeholders dealing with access in Minas Gerais, their influence, and their approach to the issues. With that in mind, they established the tactics to deal with each group of stakeholders.

Logo+Acesso4+-+verde-300x234 FEMEMGLos principios y valores del montañismo brasileño: una herramienta de acceso P1100653 SAM_0727 SAM_0731  Kika Bradford y el Presidente de FEMEMG, Rafael Gribel Resultado: la determinación de la visión del Acceso MG Los actores involucrados en acceso 









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