New Plan at Huascarán National Park


Getting down from the South summit of Huascarán, 22.205 feet (photo: nuestramontana.com)

On August 25th, the Huascarán National Park (Perú) administrators got together to discuss the regulations for climbing and visiting the park.

The plan (Propuesta de Reglamento de PN Huascaran) describes excessive and unnecessary formalities to climb at Huascarán National Park and ask climbers to go through a series of bureaucratic hurdles in order to climb. One of those is the requirement to hire a guide in order to enter and therefore to climb within park’s boundaries. The exception are for those who present a document proving their association to a climbing federation. They also require that climbers submit their proposed plan and itinerary for approval.

Access PanAm believes these impose access threats to the climbers and mountaineers in that region.  We sent a Letter to the Park’s administration stating where we stand and urging them to reconsider their decisions.


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