Patagonia Waste Management – 2nd Update

IMG_6397Cement Footings, Training for climbing

Another week has flown by and the toilet is coming together faster than the volunteer team could have hoped for. With the help of Los Glaciares National Park amazing staff we are progressing with ease.

After a total of five days digging and hammering rock (not pitons but a pick ax), the team could officially move on to creating the foundation. The cement footings to keep the toilet structure stable in the fierce Patagonian winds are drying and will soon be ready for the  pillars. The team also made the final wood cuts and begins staining the wood to protect it from not only the harsh winds, but also rain, snow and whatever Patagonia has to offer.


They might be staring at the mountains hoping for a good window for climbing, but carrying four  50kg bags of cement, a wheel barrow, 4 shovels, a pick ax and more are certainly giving them a great work out to endure any climbing attempt  that may or may not present itself. The next week will bring more cement work finishing the foundation. Once completed with foundation  they can begin adding the wood structure that they have been making at the shop in Chaltén. A holiday Asado will be had, cheers to everyone and happy holidays!

Read about the project here.

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